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Happy Holidays!

Paleo + Life | Holiday Card

My youngest girl made this for me, with help from the oldest. I love it.

Oh, my – is it truly Christmas Eve? This month has been busier than I thought. In my mind I’ve written this blog post about 900 times already.

At at any rate, this being December, I have been busily running thither and yon. Celebrating my youngest girl’s birthday with a mega-sleepover (holy moly, little girls are nuts!), dealing with major flooding in our basement and getting ready for Christmas (grabby toddler equals no tree, at least this year). I have also been reading a ton of books and thinking about what I want to accomplish in the New Year.

First is a renewed focus on health. At the moment, I have a fierce sinus infection. At first, I thought it was a cold, but after a few days of painful swallowing I had to give in and see the doctor.
I’m quite glad that I did: it gives me the chance to combat this nasty sickness with both allopathic medicine (antibiotics and Sudafed) and some more natural means (lots of cranberry-ginger tea, probiotics to replenish the good gut bacteria, and supplemental NAC to loosen up all the gunk in my sinuses). I’m also trying to severely limit sugar, alcohol, chocolate, and caffeine. These are, of course, some of my favorite things about Christmas, which will make for an interesting holiday dinner.
(I expect I will compromise and have something with fruit and honey, on the theory that honey offers many health benefits as well as sweetness.)

I’m also looking at branching out a little from paleo. While the focus on the blog will not change — I like eating this way too much to give it up — I am intrigued and want to experiment a bit with some “paleo-adjacent” dietary philosophies. Specifically, I’ve just read The Adrenal Reset Diet and am intrigued enough (and like beans enough) to give it a shot. I will report back on that soon.

The other thing on my mind is a creative project of some sort. While I’ve passed the time in my life where I want to be famous — do all kids go through that stage? All of mine seem to — I do want to try some kind of creative project next year. The problem, as always, is more ideas than time. One thing on the list, though, is trying a video or two for the blog. Back when I watched TV on the regular, I adored watching TV cooks, and at one point aspired to be one. So video may be on the agenda for 2016. No promises, but I will keep y’all posted.

Finally, I want to reduce the clutter in my life. I know there are things in my basement that haven’t seen the light of day since we moved in to our house. It’s long past time for them to go! They say (whomever “they” are) that getting rid of things you no longer need or want makes room in your life for the things that you do. I sincerely hope that’s true. Even if it isn’t, I believe that the very act of making room will feel quite freeing.

Hmm. I started at Christmas, but have gone straight on to the New Year. While, as I’ve said I don’t do resolutions, I do like having goals. I look forward to striving toward these goals in 2016.

If you’ve got a goal you’d like to share, drop a note in the comments. In the meantime, happy holidays to you, whichever ones you celebrate, and best wishes for a smashing new year!

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