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Taking Stock (but not making it)

My word, it’s been sooo long. At the moment, I’m knee deep in my studies and it seems I’ve barely got time to breathe, let alone blog. I feel like I’ve been exactly zero fun to be around, too. I guess that’s what happens when you separate me from my kitchen.

The worst part is that it’s not entirely my studies that have kept me from any serious cooking. Right around the winter holidays, the ancient cast iron pipe our (wonderful, beloved, if decrepit) old house gave up the ghost. As you can imagine, it costs a pretty penny to repair such a thing, and my inner cheapskate is deeply unhappy about it. Still, we will get it done.
In the meantime, however, it means our kitchen sink and washing machine are not as usable as we need them to be. With a family of six, that’s extremely challenging. We have gotten by with regular trips to the local laundromat (holy WOW, they are much better than I remember!), but the sink is another matter. Fortunately, the pipe isn’t completely gone — we are getting just enough drainage to do dishes — but the dishwasher I was planning to gift myself for Christmas will have to wait.

The broken pipe also means that there was some significant flooding in our basement as well, so we will be dealing with that for some time. I know I’d said I wanted to clear out the junk down there: perhaps it was fate offering a helping hand.
I’d expected that a remodel was in our near-future (we want to move one of the teens to a new bedroom in the basement), but first we want to see how the mess shakes out. I just keep telling myself that I’m learning lessons in delayed gratification, whether I wanted to or not!

At any rate, things around here will be sparse for the next couple of weeks, while I prepare to take my licensing exam and get the work done that needs to get done around the house. As always, it’s an adventure.
You know that old saying “may you live in interesting times?” It may be apocryphal, but it seems to be my lot at the moment. I’m looking forward to a lot less interest once this is done!



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