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Opening of the Market

Last week, I had one of my favorite days of the year: the season opener of my local farmers market. I have gone every year since we bought our house, and know what to expect, but there’s an effervescent joy I succumb to every time the season begins.

Opening days are frequently the same wet and rainy drizzle that makes up an Oregon winter, with just a few hardy souls willing to brave the damp. But not this day. On this day, the sun splashes across the cool blue sky, lending a sparkle to the afternoon, if not warmth. It is definitely sweater weather. Still, the memory of winter is fresh, and these rays feel luxurious in contrast. It is glorious, and I am again, so thrilled to call this place my home.

Market Sign

Flower Basket

Humongous hanging baskets from one of our favorite vendors.

Market Crowd

This was a surprisingly good crowd for opening day — thank goodness for the nice weather!

Sample Salad

Radish and green salad in a freshly made vinaigrette. It was delicious — I’ve been using the spice mixture in a variety of dishes since then.


Cacao Bean

Can you believe this is a cacao bean? I had never seen one in person before. It’s quite striking.

Sampling the goods

The tot, of course, prefers sampling to learning how chocolate is made. Clever boy.

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