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Collards & Cabbage | Paleo + Life

Collards & Cabbage

The silver lining of this trip, which was for such a sad purpose, was being able to see my mother and stepfather again. They came out to visit us in late May for my graduation, and I didn’t expect another visit before 2015.

My mom is a nurturer — as I’ve mentioned, she has been a nurse for decades — and she is also one of those folks who shows her affection with food. If she takes the time to make a nice meal when you visit, you know you matter.

Mom's Ribs | Paleo + Life

Mom’s Ribs

It’s always a joy to be in my mama’s kitchen. Mostly because I don’t have to do anything; I can just hang out and know that there is a delicious meal coming. Although I adore cooking and getting creative in the kitchen, sometimes it is nice not to be in charge of that.

While I was there, I was also taking notes and getting ideas for future blog posts — the collards and cabbage, for example, is a great side dish that is perfectly Paleo. I will have to snag that recipe from her soon. As for the ribs, well — those may remain a family secret for a while longer, though I suppose I can get some tips for those of you looking to up your skills in that area.
But I’m so grateful I got a chance to catch my mom in action again. She’s a professional, and it is a pleasure to watch her do her thing.

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