Check In: July 2014

Now that I’ve got a solid month of food blogging behind me, it feels like a good time to review what I’ve been doing and check in on my paleo progress.

While I have generally stuck to eating paleo, I have gone “offroad” far more than I intended.  A big part of that is that many things are in flux these days, which makes my routine harder to keep.

In the paleo/Primal universe, people talk about the 80/20 rule.  The idea is that unless you’re doing an elimination diet, eating paleo 80% of the time should be enough to keep you in a healthy place without making you crazy. I like the flexibility of this rule in theory, but have a hard time drawing that line in real life. This month, I think it’s been more in the 60/40 range. I may do another Whole30 to get myself back in the right frame of mind.

This month’s recipes:
Carrots and Nigella (Technically, this was June, but for purposes of completeness I’m putting it here)
PDX Parsnip Soup
Kohlrabi Coleslaw
Spiced Summer Burgers
Peach, Cherry and Chicken Salad
Quick Blueberry Shiso Jam **
Mama Dear’s Cucumber Salad
Warm Fennel Salad with Bacon

We have been paleo since February, so not quite six months, and while I have not had the amazing weight loss that I’ve seen in other people, I have noticed other improvements. Before we changed our diet, I took acid reflux meds daily; I haven’t needed them since going paleo. Similarly, my allergies are infinitely easier to manage these days.

While I have given up the scale as a measure of my health, last time I was at the doctor, I did notice that I was down a few pounds. Since nursing seems to make me retain weight (boo, hiss!), this felt like an accomplishment. I am pleased to be able to get back into my pre-pregnancy pants.

I have been a part-time graduate student for the last four years; this year I finally earned my JD. Since I took a nice long break between undergrad and law school, getting back into the mindset of being a student again was a challenging transition. Now that I have graduated, I am finding it difficult to stop thinking of myself as a student. Because I’m not following the expected path (taking the bar exam right after graduation), I find myself in an odd limbo.

Summer vacation is its own sort of limbo as well. My kids are all home, and this is the first summer that they have not been in camp. Trying to keep them occupied,  and myself from going crazy, has been an interesting challenge. We have made Pinterest projects, visited the children’s museum, and we practically live at the library. Still, we have our moments where we could all use a bit of space.

My escape has been mystery novels. My dad got me into them when I was a kid and I have never ceased loving them. This summer, I’ve found some new-to-me authors and am having a great time working my way through several different series.

I have a tendency to set outrageously high goals for myself (thus the law school while parenting exercise). I know this is probably not a very healthy approach, so I am trying to temper my intensity with realism and be more balanced in my approach to life. (Stop laughing, husband. I see you!)

This month’s goals are all health-related:

  1. Learn to do a full push up.
    I have never done this in my life and I really want to learn how. It seems like a good stepping stone on the path to physical strength.
  2. Take some long walks during the week.
    I’ve let this slip somewhat with the 90+ degree days we have had. Walking has mostly been my lunchtime habit, but if I go earlier I can probably avoid the worst of the heat.
  3. Try to meditate at least once a week.
    Again, I am trying to balance. Creating a weekly moment for meditation is a micro-goal on the way to a regular practice, and it seems achievable even with our busy schedule.

So that’s my goals for the month. We’ll see how I do around this time in August. What are your goals?

(** Note that per Loren Cordain, some studies suggest chia seeds may be inflammatory, and therefore they do not fit the paleo template. I am comfortable including them in my diet occasionally.) 


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