IFBC 2014: Traveling While Paleo

Page and Dornenburg, Foodie Royalty | Paleo + Life

Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page giving the Keynote @ IFBC. Just *thinking* about their travel schedule exhausts me.

Note to my readers: This is a subsidized post, as detailed below. In exchange for a reduced conference fee, I agreed to write three posts about the event: this is the third of those posts. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Traveling while paleo is a whole new experience. I am something of a homebody, of course, and I can obviously ensure that my food is paleo if I make it myself. But sometimes, even a woman who adores cooking needs to step out of the kitchen. Here are a few tips I found handy while on the road:

Eat a good breakfast. I know, I know. I hear the dramatic teenaged scoff in your voice. But I’m here to tell you: your mom was right. Having a good chunk of protein at breakfast helped keep me going for a surprisingly long time. Since I didn’t stay at the conference hotel, I made sure to book a place that served breakfast. Both days, I had hard-boiled eggs which I wrapped in slices of meat, and fresh fruit on the side.

Don’t be afraid to leave and get what you need. My breakfast held me over for several hours – through the keynote and most of the second speaker’s presentation. Along about the time we broke for the third session, I was ready to gnaw my own arm off. Unfortunately, I had left my amazing, snack-filled “swag bag” at our hotel. When I learned that there was a Whole Foods Market near the conference, I left a cloud of dust in my wake. I made it back in time to catch most of the third session (a cooking demo by The Chef In the Hat that smelled divine).

Conference Snacks

Paleo-friendly snacks from WFM SLU

Think outside the box. Conferences and expositions tend to be absolutely filled with muffins, quick breads, doughnuts… y’all get the idea. I picked up a fruit & nut mix, some jerky, and (cough*two flavors of*cough) macaroons, which all helped to tide me over.

New school snacks are awesome, too. Many of the vendors who came to IFBC had perfect paleo snacks: Rainier Fruit Company carries pears, apples, cherries and blueberries; Pearls makes Olives to Go*(these are like fruit cups, but with olives); and Santé Nuts has really fresh-tasting roasted salted pecans*. Nutiva has a new macaroon-like O’Coconut* treat; I loved Zico pineapple–flavored coconut water*; GimMe Organic has roasted seaweed snacks* (my daughter likes the teriyaki flavor, but I prefer sea salt). If you tolerate beans, The Better Bean Company has some tasty varieties. And I can’t forget my beloved Theo Chocolate* which I’m certain is the taste of heaven.

Stay hydrated and stretch. I am a fiend about this, because I am stil nursing my youngest, but don’t forget to keep up your fluid intake. This will also have the value of forcing you out of a chair for bathroom breaks. Do a little stretch on your way; check out Paleo Secret’s Sitting Solution for tips on how to move and feel better.

We are definitely still learning how to manage paleo on the go, but overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this trip went. We talked about packing a cooler with cold snack foods that we might take next time; feel free to share any advice on that in the comments. What are your best travel tips?


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