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Going paleo with the baby has been the easiest transition of them all. While the teens are doing what teenagers do, and the littlest girl has been quite a challenge, my tiny boy has never known anything else, so the transition has been rather straightforward.

Of course, the standard advice is to wait until babies are six months old before they begin solids. I was prepared for this, and at dinner time would give him spoons and bowls to play with. However, the little mister started to show interest in food around four and a half months. And by “show interest,” I mean that he literally snatched food from my hands and stuffed it into his own mouth. I figured that was a sign.
His pediatrician was fine with it, so we slowly introduced solids.

Primarily, I made extremely fine purées for him of steamed vegetables, carefully blended in the Vitamix. We also chose to offer him a very watered down gluten-free rice cereal. Our younger daughter had also had that as a first food, and we felt it would be acceptable. We always served it mixed with breastmilk, to make sure the babe was getting actually some nutrition from it as well as just allowing him to enjoy the process and the new experience of eating.

As he got older, we’ve progressed to chunkier foods, such as my homemade applesauce or cauliflower leek soup. Since the boy got teeth around six months, we have also let him have lots of soft foods like peaches, nectarines, all sorts of berries, tomatoes and whatever else he seems to like. He enjoys scrambled eggs most of all, though he is partial to beef heart, roasted chicken, and pulled pork as well. Feeding him has been rather simple. Nowadays, he has gotten more particular — avocado is off the menu, though he loved it six months ago — and I suspect we are headed toward a picky phase. For the moment, I am counting myself blessed that he is almost always willing to try new foods, and that he seems to like most of them. Squeezing in so many nutritious foods now will stave off the worst of my worries if we get to the point where all he will eat is nut butter and chicken nuggets. (We are also still nursing, so that eases my mind as well. WHO recommends nursing up to age two and beyond; we are big fans of it around here.)

What about you? If you are bringing up a Paleo baby, what are your best tips and tricks for feeding them? Drop a note in the  comments.



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