Paleo Check In: March 2015

Welcome! Check ins are a monthly series of posts meant to document my progress towards better health, a stronger body, and general awesome paleo rockstar status. Find the first one here.

I haven’t done a check in post for a while; feels like a good time to revisit these.


With all of the studying I did over the last few months, my “80/20” devolved to something like 55/45 while I was outside of the house. However, the longer I eat paleo, the less tolerance I have for processed food, so cooking at home has been much the same.

I feel like I’ve been cooking quite a bit, but only two recipes made the blog this month. Fortunately, they are good ones:

Sage & Pepper Pork Chops
Compound Butter


Does anyone remember the phrase “freshman fifteen?” You know, how when you go off to college, it’s pretty common to put on a few pounds? Well, I have found the “bar exam eight.”
All that sitting and reading is no good for the waistline — or any body part, really. Not to mention that I have a strong mental association of studying with some sort of sweet.
In my mind, studying equals coffee (because let’s face it, sometimes studying is not that exciting). Coffee equals pastries, because coffee shops always have delicious sweet things to go along with the beverages, so therefore, studying has always meant treat time.

So long story short, I need to do some deprogramming. Too many items of clothing that had been loose are now tight. Not to mention that if I did not pass the exam, I will need to try again in just a few months.  It’s important to me to work on breaking that association now.


Somehow, I believed that finishing law school free up tons of time and that I would be able to really dedicate myself to some new projects and some self-improvement. Feel free to laugh at me now.
What is that old saw about work expanding to fill the time available? It’s entirely true.

My “baby” — now 18 months old — has stopped taking his morning nap. The parents among you will understand my dismay. Despite having been through this before, I still didn’t realize how dependent I was on the morning nap until it disappeared. It was when I did most of my photography/recipe prep for the blog, and I still haven’t figured out how best to find that time again.
While I am excited and thrilled that my busy little monster is becoming such an interesting person, and I’m absolutely delighted that he is so bright, cheerful and interested in the world, I sure do miss those naps.

The school-aged kids have all been on Spring Break as well, which means that when not entertaining the bunch of them, I’ve had to actually leave the house so that the little one could get that precious nap. Happily, we are getting back to the regular schedule this week.

On the plus side, I’ve read several novels in the last week! I really enjoy losing myself in a good book.


1. Re-focus on my exercise goals. I am aiming for daily sun salutations.

2. Dissociate coffee/tea time with sugary treats.

3. Sleep. I still don’t have this piece where I want it, so I’m trying to break it down. For this month, my goal is lights out/devices out by 11.

What are your goals for the month? Please share in the comments if you’ve got something good planned, or have any tips for getting back on track.

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