Paleo Check In: October 2014

Welcome! Check ins are a monthly series of posts meant to document my progress towards better health, a stronger body, and general awesome paleo rockstar status. Find the first one here.


Oh gosh. Halloween. I chose to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project, and therefore didn’t buy any candy, but my kids came home with bucketfuls. So, so much candy. I never want to see a peanut butter cup again. I’m really glad I was otherwise pretty good about sticking to a nutrient-dense diet this month.

This month’s recipes:
Herb Infused Oils
Stewed Apples and Cabbage, from the Kitchen Ecosystem
Lime & Rosemary Roasted Broccoli
Cauliflower Leek Soup
Figgy Pudding, American Style
Paleo Chocolate Avocado Pudding
Super Simple Paleo Salmon Salad (guest post for Haute Mealz)
Delicata Squash Za’atar
Lengua En Mojo Criollo (Beef Tongue in Creole Marinade)


I have largely met my goals for exercise this month, so am feeling very positive about that. While I don’t think I’ll ever love it, I do realize the necessity to “move it or lose it.” It’s a bonus that our walks have been really beautiful: watching the trees change color has been wonderful. I have always thought that Oregon is the prettiest place in the world, and watching our foggy, misty, verdant hills burst into glorious yellows, oranges and reds, like so many firecrackers, confirms it.

One big problem of late has been carrying my (very heavy) little one. When we pick up his sister, we take public transit for the trip and carrying him in the Ergo for two hours has been murder on my back. I’m really grateful that he is learning to walk and therefore needs less time in the carrier.

I mentioned last time that I was thinking of getting back into making water kefir to boost my probiotic consumption (and save some cash; buying those drinks adds up). I have purchased the supplies, I have not activated them yet. That’ll be a project for this month.


I have been really, really stubborn about the sleep piece lately. It was as if I set myself this goal, and immediately began to sabotage it, regularly staying up much later than I had otherwise. What in the world is that about?

I’m guessing its about feeling stressed. As the baby becomes a toddler, his sleep becomes far more restless, and he is often cranky and clingier than ever. It feels like I have less time to myself, so I push my bedtime back in order to have some time of the day where I am not responsible to someone else. I am not sure how exactly to balance that, but I will work on it.


I’m going to repeat my goals from last month — the push ups have gotten a little easier, so I am going to try for some variety by adding whole body push ups in there. Not going to pick a number, just going to see how I do.

1. Stick with the walking as I can, and with the half push ups; aim for 8 reps twice a week.
2. Meditation: 10 minutes, twice a week.
3. Make sleep a priority — get to bed before midnight every night this month.

What are your goals for the next month? Do share in the comments.

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