Paleo Check In: September 2014

Welcome! Check ins are a monthly series of posts meant to document my progress towards better health, a stronger body, and general awesome paleo rockstar status. Find the first one here.


Overall, the beginning of the month was great for me, in terms of clean eating. Around the middle, though, I attended the International Food Bloggers Conference. Travel is tricky at the best of times, and particularly when you have some dietary restrictions that are more of a choice that a necessity, it’s easy to go off the rails. When I returned home, I immediately plunged into a big project,  which did not help matters: I tend to stress eat and indulged more than I should. Adding insult to injury, I came down with some sort of evil 24-hour thing on the tail end of that project. Long story short(er), the second half of the month has been a challenge.

That challenge is part of why I’m really excited about October. We don’t have travel on the schedule, just the usual rat race, so staying more focused with the food should be much easier. Plus, my favorite second favorite holiday happens at the end of the month. I’m trying to imagine what paleo Halloween looks like and failing completely…

This month’s recipes:

Cinnamon Pepper Plantains
Salt-Roasted Beets
Fennel Scented Pulled Pork
Cinnamon Spiced Nut Butter
Duxelles (Sauteed Mushrooms)
Apple Sassy (Applesauce)
Plum Rhubarb Panna Cotta


I stuck with my exercise goals for the month, which feels very satisfying. (As I’ve mentioned before, I am not exactly a fan of exercise, so sticking with it is something of a miracle for me.)  It helps that my goals are small enough that I can sort of muscle through them even when I don’t want to do so.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on getting more probiotics in my diet, since they are said to be so good for you. This has mostly been in the form of supplements and pricey, bubbly drinks; this month, I’m determined to get back into making batches of water kefir. I let this slide over the summer, but I could definitely stand to take up the habit again.


Attending the food conference was a serious highlight of the month — it was great to spend three days in the company of other food-obsessed folks who really ‘get’ my passion. I also discovered a lively local group of food bloggers, with whom I definitely want to connect.

I also finished a big project, which has been a huge weight off of my mind. It’s making me really think deeply about what my career goals are. I know what doesn’t make me feel good; the question is, what will feel best while allowing me to use my education and help support my family?


1. Stick with the walking as I can, and with the half push ups; aim for 8 reps twice a week.
2. Meditation: 10 minutes, twice a week.
3. Make sleep a priority — get to bed before midnight every night this month.

What are your goals for October? Anyone setting new challenges for themselves? Feel free to share in the comments.

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