Road Tripping: IFBC 2014

Note to my readers: This is a subsidized post, as detailed below. In exchange for a reduced conference fee, I agreed to write three posts about the event: this is the first of those posts. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Z's Car

My youngest girl, circa 2010, driving her ‘car’

If you’ve read my first post on Paleo + Life, from waaaay back in the day (aka early summer), you will recall that my goal in returning to the blogosphere was a search for community. I wanted to find ‘my people’ — folks who are crazy about food and/or interested in gluten- and grain-free cooking and/or who talk and think about food all the time and want to make it an integral part of their days/work/life. 

As part of that effort, I will be attending the 2014 International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) in just a couple of weeks. It’s being held in Seattle, a few hours up the highway from us, and I am giddy with anticipation.

International Food Blogger Conference 2014 Seattle

I can’t say what I am looking forward to most at IFBC: the workshops on food, photography, and writing; the food I’ll get to taste while I am there (every review of this conference I have seen says the food is always fantastic); or just the chance to visit one of my favorite cities and catch up with our family who live up there. The conference is held quite close to Pike Place Market, too, so a pilgrimage to my favorite Seattle destination at some point during the weekend is a must.

I am already brushing up on my conference dos and don’ts (click here for general tips from The Curried Nut and Inspiration Kitchen; wine aficionados, check out One Girl One Glass One World). I’m also ordering business cards to exchange with other bloggers and setting reminders in my phone to stop, be still and enjoy myself. To take a moment to breathe and to know, really know, how very lucky I am to be in this place and have the chance to think deeply about something so dear to my heart.  

If anyone is going to attend, let me know — I would love to meet you! I am sometimes a wee bit shy (stop laughing, husband) but my inner extrovert is raring to go and I respond well to smiles, waves, and “hey, aren’t you…?”
If you are on the fence about going, note that bloggers receive a reduced price for the conference in exchange for writing three posts about it — a screaming good deal, in my opinion: the blogger price is a 76% discount off the regular cost.
I am so excited to make connections, to learn some new skills and get inspiration to make Paleo + Life better and better. Hope to see you there!

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2 thoughts on “Road Tripping: IFBC 2014

  1. Meagan

    Can’t wait to meet you!! :) And thanks for linking to my site!

    IFBC 2014 is going to be epic; I wholeheartedly second the encouragement to come. This will be my second IFBC and I can’t wait to meet new people and see old friends. The first one is always the hardest – they do get easier!


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