(Semi-)Paleo Husbands

The Photographer @ Work | Paleo + LifeSomehow, in my discussions of going paleo with the family, I have not yet tackled the most challenging convert: Mr. Paleo + Life. (No, I don’t actually call him that. I generally call him B., because I am lazy and remembering the names of all the people in our house is sometimes beyond me.)

Convincing B. to go paleo was surprisingly easy: I basically begged him to do the Whole30 with me, because I needed a buddy to help me through the process. As is his wont, unless he thinks I have suggested something completely insane, he agreed. Because he is diabetic, he figured paleo wasn’t too far off from how he should be eating anyway, and would give him a chance to clean up his diet. So we started down that bumpy road and 30 days later, managed to complete it. We high-fived ourselves and eagerly looked forward to re-introducing some old favorites.

As we worked our way through the re-introduction period, we made some interesting discoveries. The most striking of these was the first time B. tried something with gluten: he got incredibly sick and had to come home to recover.  In my opinion, this was proof that he was gluten-sensitive (something I’d suspected for a while; B. has a close relative with celiac disease) and we needed to go absolutely gluten-free.

My darling spouse, on the other hand, strongly disagreed. He did not want to hear it. I didn’t understand at all. The more I read, the more I was afraid that continuing to eat gluten would do serious damage to his health. Furthermore, all of the breads, muffins, etc. were so high on the glycemic index anyway, why not replace that stuff with food that actually offered nutrition?
He felt that as his diet was restricted already (due to the diabetes) taking away another thing was absolutely too much, and that getting sick was probably just as much about the quality what he ate (a burger from the Scottish restaurant) as it was about the contents of the meal.

At some point, we came to a resolution. I reminded myself that I am not the boss of him, as the kiddies say — he has to be paleo by his own choice or it won’t be sustainable. B., meanwhile, acknowledges my strong feelings on the subject, recognizes that he generally does feel better eating paleo, and since I make most of the meals at our house, they will be paleo ones. I am attempting more paleo baking, which helps to make this lifestyle sustainable for us. It seems like a reasonable compromise.

So what about you? If you have a reluctant partner to convince, how did you go about it? Please share in the comments.

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