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Our kitchen

Our kitchen, when we bought the house.


That is how I feel with no fridge. Yes, we have the mini fridge, and no, no one is starving, but I am longing to have my proper fridge back. I miss having the ability to store a bigger quantity of food, and plan meals over a longer period of time, and the convenience of being able to just do a leftover night on the spur of the moment.

I suppose, in some ways, this is what it might be like to undergo a remodel — which I have contemplated almost from the moment we bought the house. I love our neighborhood and our sunny, south-facing lot, and I am of course grateful that we have a roof over our heads (no easy feat with six of us to house), in terms of style, our house is, well, meh. It basically does the job of keeping us warm and dry, and we have made a few minor updates since this picture was taken, but I know it could be so much more.

It feels a little weird to discuss this here on the blog — remodeling doesn’t seem like a particularly “Paleo” topic. But I think it fits in, even if it’s a stretch. Paleo is about making yourself healthier, which to my mind includes setting up your home to facilitate healthy choices. My goals for the kitchen, I think, will do that.

I want to add a full-sized freezer, so that we can buy a side of beef from a local farm and have room to store it. I’d also like to add pantry space so that I have room for fermentation projects like homemade sauerkraut and kombucha. I would like more counter space so that I have more room for cooking with the sous vide. Finally, I really want a prettier space to work in. That would feed my soul, which at times feels almost as important as making the practical kitchen functions go more smoothly.

I’m sure there are other things that I’m overlooking. If you’re so inclined, please do leave a comment with your favorite thing about your kitchen. I would love to know what works for you.

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