Taking Care

Normally I would have something zippy planned today, but my heart is heavy and my zip is rather zapped. A family member has been sick for a very long time, and is now in his last illness. We have known for some time that the end would come sooner than later, so it is not a surprise, but it is still a huge hurt. I dearly wish I could make it better.

Since I can’t actually improve things, instead, today I want to focus on taking care of yourself.
I know that, as a wife, mom and daughter, it is very easy for me to put myself last. Everyone else needs so much! But if you keep putting yourself last and not filling your own cup, eventually you have no more left to give. I keep having to learn this lesson over and over and over again,  especially when grieving. I like to think I am getting better at remembering this, but in the moment, a refresher always feels good.

Here’s my quick list of the best advice I found on taking care of yourself:

If you’ve found any other great self-care tips, please share in the comments. The more, the better, I say.

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