Welcome. ‘Sup?

It boils down to community.

I’ve been trying to think of a first post that didn’t sound cheesy or silly to my ears, but consistently came up short. This makes no sense at all – I am an excellent communicator (this is code for “I talk. A lot.”). I love words. I love them so much that I majored in English. I love them so much that my house literally overflows with books. I love words so much that I ended up in law school, where so much of what we do is parse meanings.

Yet, when considering how to introduce myself and this blog to the world, I was flummoxed. The great communicatress was sidelined and the proverbial well ran dry. Obviously, this meant I needed to dig a little deeper into my thought process. Why on earth did I want to put my thoughts out into the big bad Internet, anyway?

When I thought it through, it came to this: I like to write. I like to be creative. I love to cook. I love to eat. I love to learn things,  and I love to talk about the things I learn. Once I got there, I realized that all of that really added up to a search for community. I am not a paleo lifestyle expert, but I want to learn. I have access to a culinary genius (also known as my mom), I write reasonably well, and I can share what I know with the world. If I’m lucky, people will share back, and genuine connections will result.

So I’ll start. Hi. I’m Cher. I am an enthusiastic novice in the garden. I have a tendency to use long words, even when short ones will do. I think exercise is the invention of the devil. I am married with ridiculously adorable children. I still dream of writing the great American novel. Or maybe the great American cookbook. Or even just the great American blog post. Welcome to my Internet home. I hope you find something useful here, and that you stick around.

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